Saturday, January 28, 2006

Welcome Ozzie and Harriet!

My, I'm prolific today! Actually cleaning out all the links and cool stuff in my inbox. You may remember last week that Norman the fiddler crab ran away, never to be seen again. (The dog must have eaten him. There can be no other explanation.) In his stead, we bought a larger tank and brought home Ozzie and Harriet, male and female fiddlers, to share the tank with Medea (the ghost shrimp). (Pictures to follow.)

We had a little trouble keeping the larger tank warm enough, but have added the heat lamp to the little in-tank heating pad and they seem to be pretty happy now. Ozzie actually climbs up on the rocks and basks in the glow of the heat lamp for hours. Norman never did that.

Ozzie and Harriet don't seem to have as much personality as Norman had. He was truly a prince among crabs (or at least more interactive with his humans). He will be missed.

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