Thursday, January 05, 2006

Invitation to Online e-Congress

Thanks to Leslie Contos on the TAGMAX list for passing this along.

"Looking for homeschooled, 6th-12th graders, who are interested in politics
and government. You are invited to participate in e-Congress through the
Homeschool History League:

e-Congress is an online political simulation run by the University of
Virginia, Center for Politics. You become a congressman, research and
write a bill, and vote on bills that you and other students have created.
All work is done online, at your own pace and depth, from the comfort of home.

This link will allow you to try out the E-Congress demo.

This is our 3rd year participating and it has been a wonderful
experience. The resources provided by University of Virginia, are wonderful, and
students of all knowledge levels will feel comfortable participating.
There is no better way to learn about how our government works, than
writing and trying to pass your own bill, even in simulation.

The timeline for this event is as follows:
January 9th - March 2nd - students research and write bills,
individually or in groups
March 15th - April 4th - students work in committees to decide which
bills will make it to the house floor
April 13th - April 27th - House Floor, students vote individually on

If you would like to participate, request to join at this site:
and provide the following:

*Last Name:
*First Name:
*Grade Level (should be 6th to 12th):
*email address:
*username you'd like to use:
*password you'd like to use:"

Please email Leslie at if you have any additional questions.
Please feel free to pass this info along to others who might be interested.

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