Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Homeschool Mom's Lament

We've been deschooling/stealth homeschooling for nearly a month now and I've about had it.

In addition to the cooking I wrote about yesterday, I've also been working on saying yes. Chester decided he wanted a toad, so we researched it and then got him a toad. Toad lasted about four days before we'd lost enough live crickets in Chester's room to convince us feeding him was too much of a challenge. Plus, after Klaus got himself a hamster, Chester decided having an animal that he can hold and play with might be a good idea after all. So we took the toad back to the store. We're still waiting to get Chester a hamster. I want to make sure he still wants one after a month or so.

Then there are play dates and sleepovers, swimming, air hockey, board games, baseball, violin lessons, and next month theater camp, Japanese camp and invention camp (one camp per boy).

My problem is this: I'm tired all the time and by the time DH comes home at night, I've had so many invasions of my personal space from having the boys around all day that I can't stand to have him (DH) anywhere near me. I don't want to be so hooked into be the mother that I don't have anything left for being the wife. :(


Anonymous said...

Your boys are old enough where they shouldn't need you with them or coordinating a full schedule all the time. You need time for you; they need time just to chill and veg and watch the clouds roll by, too.

Just because you're homeschooling doesn't mean you have to plan back to back activities, camps, and other 'educational' activities. Let them hang out, be bored, and see what they themselves discover to do. Then you can facilitate.

The Princess Mom said...

But I haven't planned back-to-back activities. The only thing we're doing that is my idea is the cooking--and that's meant to lighten my load eventually. ;) It's a coincidence that Chester's workshop and Klaus's camp are on the same two weeks and while orchestra and baseball are still going on.

It's the facilitating that's killing me. "I need X for the hamster. Help me set up my new aquarium. I need a ride to my children's theatre workshop. Play Trivial Pursuit with us. Teach me solitaire. I need a swim buddy..." Ack! LOL

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, but it's so worth it! But I know you need your quiet time as well. Your boys are old enough to realize this and let you have some private time. Ask and you shall receive! LOL

Now if only I had enough time to actually PLAY with my kids rather than having them at work, shuffling them back and forth...etc.

Time to find a partner for my business....