Friday, June 10, 2005

Another Week Older and Deeper in Debt

Why the long silence, Princess Mom? I was in Florida, Land of Humidity and Spending Painful Amounts of Money, with the family visiting Grandma and Spiderman and the CJ the Dolphin at Discovery Cove. Swimming with the dolphins is a fantastic experience and I highly recommend it to everyone. You get to pat the dolphin (feels like wet rubber), learn dolphin anatomy and actually go for a ride by holding onto the dorsal and one pectoral fin. The dolphin is supposed to swim with you from the middle of the pond back to the rest of the group at the shore. CJ had other ideas--he took Klaus over to meet the female dolphin in the "pod" (group of 7) next to us then circled around and came back. We told Klaus he would never get a driver's license if he couldn't even drive a dolphin! Turns out it's mating season and CJ just wanted to say hello to the ladies. After a couple unauthorized side trips, we had to trade CJ in temporarily for Capricorn, the alpha male, all 600 pounds of him. An amazing sight to see an animal that huge jump out of ten feet out of the water! And the whole time I had "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish" running through my head. ;)

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I'm jealous. ;)