Monday, June 27, 2005

Feed Me!

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As part of our stealth homeschooling summer, we're learning how to cook. Both Klaus and Chester had expressed interest in learning how to cook--and Wolfie desperately needed to learn to feed himself instead of following Mom around saying "What's for lunch? What's for dinner?"--so I decided each boy would be responsible for making dinner one night a week.

So far so good. Klaus always makes his friend come over to help him cook. He's so proud of himself he made me take this picture of the steaks he made last Tuesday. (Friend was in charge of Rice-a-roni.)

We've also had pancakes and eggs, beef stew, shrimp fried in garlic butter, BBQed worms (an old family recipe) and Hamburger Helper. Not all gourmet fare but they're actually thinking about what would be good and learning things like how to read a recipe and how to brown hamburger so I'd call that a success.

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