Monday, May 09, 2005

Putting on the Ditz?

Apparently I'm a little late to this party, not being a fan of Jessica Simpson at all. Last night, Dateline NBC, that bastion of tabloid broadcasting, aired a segment on whether Jessica's IQ is 160 as her mother asserted in a Vanity Fair story last summer. DH and I have been arguing about this every since the "Chicken of the Sea" incident made headlines. DH says no one could be that stupid. Much as I'd like to agree with him, I have my doubts. Honestly, Buffalo wings are really made of buffalo?

I will grant that she (and the corporate objects of her idiocy) have capitalized on the mantra "No publicity is bad publicity," lampooning her idiotic comments in her videos and most recent in the Pizza Hut's Buffalo Wings commercial. But she doesn't have to be the brains behind her PR machine.

I missed the Dateline story, but I seriously doubt she's smarter than 99% of the population. Writer Aidin Vaziri from the San Francisco Chronicle actually interviewed her on the subject, and she won't be Harvard's valedictorian anytime soon. Sure, she still could be "putting on the ditz" for her fans, but why would she want to? What self-respecting young woman would want to be known worldwide for being an idiot? Even Goldie Hawn wised up eventually.

American Mensa put out a press release prior to the Dateline piece eagerly looking forward to the hundreds of Jessica fans who would be empowered to have their IQ tested and join Mensa if her mom's claim turns out to be true. Do they really think there are thousands of brilliant women who are Jessica Simpson fans? Or would they be storming the testing sites because "if Jessica can join Mensa, anyone can!"

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