Wednesday, January 17, 2007

If Only Learning Wasn't So Loud

So I'm trying to watch the second half of the premiere of the new season on 24 last Monday night, when Wolfie comes down with the Van de Graff generator he made as part of his science fair project last year. Which would have be fine except it's really loud, he set it up in the same room where I was watching tv and he keeps saying,"Mom, look! Watch this! Come here and pick up the salt for me."

Okay, that last sounded like a non sequitur. Turns out he had figured out that if he put the salt-substitute canister (cardboard with a metal bottom) at a certain distance from the generator and waited a bit for the charge to build up, he could generate a shock from the cardboard--suprising, no? Definitely not what I would have predicted. "I made iodized salt into ionized salt!" he says. A two-fer--a science experiment and a pun at the same time. LOL

And right in the middle of 24, of course. Thank goodness for our DVR.

[Speaking of loud, as I write this, Wolfie and Xavier at sitting at the table with me, meowing the "Ode to Joy" in two different keys. Yes, I said "meowing." Sigh.]

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Zany Mom said...

They're meowing because they're my frozen cats reincarnated, LOL.

Thank goodness for TIVO or I'd never watch any TV.

You watched 24? Gee, I'm such a slacker. I watched American Idol...

Kinda reminds me of the query process. And the CrapOMeter. Out of 10,000 autditioners, they selected 17 to go to Hollywood.