Monday, January 08, 2007

Feelin' Pargly

We all went out for dinner the other night and Klaus came up with a new word game. Take the obligatory word search on the kids' menu and take turns circling words--any words except the ones you're supposed to circle. Preferably words that you've just made up. Then, as in Scrabble, you have to define the word. This is how we found out about "Tukh," the Egyptian basilisk god of tubas; the "sloa," a snakelike creature who fed on giant sloths; and "lolic," that state of annoyance with your little brother so extreme that you are moved to violence. My best one was "pargly," which is how you feel when you're trying to think of something clever and your mind goes completely blank. Lame attempts at cleverness have since been greeted with, "That was very pargly of you."

So, the reason I haven't posted in awhile is because I've been feeling pargly. ;-)


Zany Mom said...

All sorts of cool words show up as word verifications, too. I've been tempted to make up meanings for some of them, or incorporate them into my novel.

Klthu! Kind of like 'bless you' only because you're pargly and not sneezing.

Chris said...

Pardon me The Princess Mom,

Me and my fellow siblings and father have the real definition of "Pargly"

The first discovery of Pargly was found inside of TGI Fridays in San Diego, California. As you, we where looking at a children's kids menu trying to find words not on the list.
As we searched my father found the word "Pargly." From there on we made jokes about and started adding on to the Word "Pargly."

The real definition of Pargly is:
Pargly- An inflamation of the testicles followed by a outbreak of large black spots often forming the shape of Swastikas.

That is the real definition.
There are 27 forms of Pargly and should be treated with great care.

Thank you

The Princess Mom said...

Chris, thank you so much for leaving your comment! It's so nice to feel I have a twin soul in the world. :-D