Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Have a Horrible New Year!

It's Horrible Books time again. Ray at Del Sol Books is readying another bulk order from the UK of Horrible Histories/Science/The Knowledge and the other Terry Deary books. For those who don't know, these books are short chapterish books that cover lots of "educational" topics in all their gory (and don't stint on the human sacrifice) details. These books aren't available in the US and they can run $20 a piece on ebay, but Ray gets them for ~$7.50 a piece with a flat rate for shipping ($7).

These books are appropriate for gifted elementary aged kids and particularly appeal to 9-12 year old boys, who are terribly difficult to find books for. Last day to order for this round in January 28, for delivery in mid-February. For all the horrible details, see horriblebooks.com.

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Horrible Ray said...

Thanks, Princess Mom!

And for those who can't make the 1/28/07 Horrible Books Order, I plan to do it again on 4/29/07.

Enjoy your Horrible Day!

Horrible Ray