Monday, May 01, 2006

NCLB: Here's a Radical Idea!

What if the government gave a test and nobody came? Teachers in England are so fed up with their version of No Child Left Behind that, according to BBC News, "schools could disrupt pupil tests across England by asking parents to send their children in late, head teachers say."

"[Mick] Brookes [General Secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers] told the NAHT's annual conference in Harrogate that he wanted to persuade ministers to change the system without resorting to industrial action.

He added: "But I think we have permission from that conference to take action. Our members are sick to the back teeth of this constant downward pressure.

"They are giving me permission to push back."

Would this work in the US? I don't know. According to Mr. Brookes, "If less than two-thirds of pupils did tests, results would be invalid." I'm not sure if this would hold true for the NCLB tests or not. It would be worth finding out...

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