Monday, May 08, 2006

Looking for Something to Do this Summer?

Our summer is pretty much taken up with summer band/orchestra and various camps (Xavier is spending three weeks at three different camps over the course of the summer. Yikes!) But if your kids are likely to be hanging around bored and need some intellectual stimulation, check out the Ten Terrific Weeks series from Usborne Books at Home. Subjects include:

Preschool/Lower Elementary
Adventures of Fairy Princesses
Adventures of the Human Body – sample week available on website
NEW Adventures at Apple Tree Farm
NEW Adventures at Sea

Upper Elementary
Adventures in Ancient Egypt
NEW Adventures Around the World
Adventures in the Arts
Adventures in Creativity
Adventures of the Human Body
Adventures of Knighthood – sample week available on website
Adventures in Literature
Adventures in Space

The curriculum alone costs $6.95. Complete sets with assignments, projects, etc. run between $50 and $75 dollars. I haven't used these myself--we're in need of some serious de-schooling--but they might be a nice bridge from one grade level to the next (if you're doing the school/grade level thing) or for homeschoolers who want to keep up skills but slow the pace down for the summer. I like Usborne books because they're visually interesting (lots of pictures) and they have internet links for more information. Click the Ten Terrific Weeks link to learn about the kits or the Usborne books link to purchase.

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