Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Why Gifted Is a Dirty Word

This link is to an article in the Phi Delta Kappan, April 1998, called "Only for My Kid: How Privileged Parents Undermine School Reform". It's a very long article, but the most pertinent (and most confusing) assertion Kohn makes is that "affluent parents" want to keep their gifted and talented programs, AP and honors classes and want more worksheets, basal readers and drill-and-kill in the classroom. Both of these goals are to keep little "gifted and talented Johnny", excuse me, little "rich and lucky Johnny" receiving ever more exclusive credentials only if it's at the expense of other students.

So yes, the whole article is ludicrous and I'd write a rebuttal if the Phi Delta Kappan hadn't done it for me.

Both these links are from the Madison (WI) Area Talented and Gifted Parents group.

With this kind of rhetoric floating around for eight years now, no wonder people bristle at the G-word.

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