Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Invention Contests Worth Checking Out

The Build-A-Better-Mousetrap Contest at Surfaquarium is looking for K-12 classes who want to participate in their program. From their website:

"We welcome K-12 classes from around the world to join us in the Build a Better Mousetrap Project!

Each participating class will develop criteria for evaluating inventions based on their functionality and marketability.
Classes will submit their criteria to create a rubric on the project web site.

Classes can then use the rubric to evaluate inventions presented on the ABC reality program, American Inventor which premiers March 16th.

Each class will then design and create an invention of their own choosing to be showcased here on the project site.
This can be a modification of an existing product (such as the mousetrap) or an entirely new product idea.

Each class submitting a project will be recognized and awarded for its unique contribution as engineers and inventors!"

Registration period for this contest is 2/27-3/31/06. Inventing phase takes place from 4/2-6/3/06. Open to homeschoolers.

The Rube Goldburg Machine Contest for high school students is sponsored by Marquette University. The 2006 Challenge is to design a machine that will "Cut or Shred Into Strips 5 Sheets of 8 1/2" x 11" 20lb Paper Individually With a Shredder in 20 or More Steps!"

Registration deadline for this event is January 27, 2006, so make up your minds this week! Design is due March 1, the working model of the machine goes to the contest in Milwaukee on April 28, 2006. Teams are limited to six people.

And a final note: the rules state "No live animals" in your machine, so leave your hamsters at home!

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