Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Most Amazing Talent?

Ever since Xavier had bronchitis at the beginning of December, we've been trying to get him to learn how to swallow pills. (Not many adult-strength medicines come in liquid or chewable form.) A couple weeks ago, I was showing him the apparent pinnacle of pill-swallowing success--me. Between prescription meds and supplements, I take six pills in the morning and up to ten at night. If I took them one at a time, it would take me an hour, so I do the whole handful at once. This amazed the nurse who was giving me my morning meds when I was in the hospital last spring. Xavier was just floored.

The second time, he ran to get Wolfie. "C'mere, c'mere, you gotta see this!" Of course, I complied by adding some cheesy magic act music. They applauded. :D

Yesterday morning, Xavier happened to pass me while I was collecting my morning pills. "Wait, wait, wait for me!" So I waited until he came out of the bathroom. Clunk (pills hitting my tongue), swallow, ta-da!

"Wow, Mom, you should be in the circus!" he says.

And I'm still wondering--Was that a compliment?

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