Friday, September 16, 2005

Oh, My Aching Wallet!

Reason to homeschool #487--No Fundraisers

Tomorrow, all the schools in our area are wrapping up Operation Classmate--a drive to collect clothing, hygiene items and school supplies for the Katrina evacuees now living in Rapides Parish, Louisiana. Desperate times, worthy cause, growing kids with social consciences--it's all good. Yesterday, I received catalogues and order forms for frozen food from Wolfie's middle school and for popcorn from Chester's Cub Scout pack.

God, how I hate these things! The products are garbage, it's not safe to go door-to-door, our relatives all live out of state, I don't have office mates to push this stuff on and DH can't do it at his office because he's the boss and it would put undue pressure on his co-workers (not that he thinks it's kosher to sell stuff at work anyway).

On top of the donations I've already given to the schools for the "Sixth Grade Field Trip Fund", and two PTOs, I'm tapped out. And we have at least three more of these to look forward to--Chester's school drive and his drama club costume drive and Wolfie's orchestra drive. I'm saving milk caps, cash-back points and Campbell soup labels. Not to mention that I had to pay $30 each in materials fees, plus classroom magazine subscriptions, PE t-shirts and lunch money. These schools should be rolling in dough!

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