Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Get a Life!!

Found this article from CNN on Saturday. Can you hear my eyes rolling? Can these poor children not get away from their screaming soccer parents even at college? What on earth does this mean for the next generation?

I'm going to try not to rant about self-important Baby Boomers here. I absolutely understand wanting to supervise and smooth the way for your children. It took a great deal of self-control for me not to pop upstairs and see what Klaus was doing on his first online high school day. But I didn't do it. This is his show. If he asks for help, I'm here to give it, but I'm not going to tell him where he needs help. (Besides, I've done that when he was younger and it doesn't work. ;)

Dear Helicopter Parents,

Your son or daughter is off to college. Congratulations! Yes, he or she is going to have to struggle a bit at first, particularly if you got into the habit of doing everything for them because it was "easier." Struggle is a good thing. Struggle builds character. Let them struggle.

When your child calls to complain, let them. Then practice one of these responses.
"I'm so sorry to hear that."
"How is that working out for you?"
"What's your next move?"

Consider it tough love. Unless you really want your child living with you until he or she is 40.

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