Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Day 3 of Homeschooling: So far, so good.

After getting off to a somewhat confusing start, Klaus and I have finally decided on a weekly schedule, tried some classwork and made some plans. He decided to study one subject per day, plus an hour of Japanese (We're using Rosetta Stone for language learning.)

Friday, he finished two weeks' worth of Keystone's Biology course and 45 minutes of Japanese before biking 3 miles over to the high school to meet his friends after the last bell. The Keystone courses have a printable "Suggested 36 week timetable" which is based on doing one hour of the class every day. We printed out these timetables for him to refer to and help keep track of what he's done and hasn't done. I don't think Biology is going to take him all year, although English might. (The timetable for English is twice as many pages as the one for Biology.)

This morning as he was heading upstairs to study, he said, "I think I'll do Japanese first today. I just love having the freedom to decide my schedule. And to take fifteen minutes to read a book if I'm getting bored." And I love the time management skills he's learning along with everything else.

As for the dreaded "socialization" issue, if anything he's spending more time with his friends, not less. I hardly saw him this weekend--two friends stayed over Friday night, then he stayed over with one of them on Saturday. When he was in school last year, there would occasionally be sleepovers but most of the time, he was so exhausted from school he didn't want to do anything else. I know we'll settle into a routine (and when the weather gets colder, he won't want to bike over to Memorial every day) so he'll see his friends less often, but he'll be starting karate classes at the local dojo soon and we go to an orientation for volunteers at the Humane Association tomorrow night. And next month he'll be 15 and old enough to get that part time job he's been wanting. He won't be a hermit.

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