Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I Can Read This, So I Thank My Mother

Normally I'm not a big fan of the Dobsons, but Linda Dobson has a great Mother's Day column in this month's Home Education Magazine:
I Can Read This, So I Thank My Mother


Zany Mom said...

Bumper stickers on my car read:

Free the Children!

Grades are for meat and eggs, not children.

Schools are for fish!


I enjoy looking in my rearview mirror at the reactions. Esp. on my way to work when I'm stuck in school related traffic.

Anonymous said...

Good column.
You mentioned "the Dobsons". My understanding is that Linda, writer of good homeschooling books, is no relation to James, writer of nasty books advocating hitting children.

The Princess Mom said...

OMG! You are absolutely right. James C. Dobson's wife's name is Shirley, not Linda. My profuse apologies!