Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Time Flies When You're Focused on the End of the Week

Hey, it's the second week of November already! This homeschooling thing is really messing up my "me time," which is when I can sit and write a coherent blog entry, unfortunately. Pardon me while I play catch-up:

Iron Science Teacher is the name of a webcast from the Exploratorium in San Francisco, pitting science teachers head-to-head to create science experiments out of everyday objects. Click the link to read more about the show, then check out the show at WWW.Exploratorium.com.

Freshwater Fred's Free Lending Library has materials for math, science, history, etc in a searchable database. From their website:

"Freshwater Fred's Lending Library includes approximately 1,100 educational videos, software programs and curriculum - and the collection is always growing. Explore topics such as biology, zoology, anatomy, physics, math, history, geography, the arts and environmental science. Some materials come with study guides.

There is no charge for Lending Library materials. Freshwater Fred's Lending Library is brought to you by Hoosier Energy and its Environmental Education Center, located at the Turtle Creek Reservoir in Sullivan County, Ind. The service functions on the Honor System.

Materials are available to educators in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin for 30-day intervals. Renewals are subject to demand. Educators are limited to 10 items at any one time."

Yale has joined the group of universities which offer course lecture online for free through Open CourseWare. Click here for more info.


Zany Mom said...

What?! Moms are supposed to have *ME* time?? What the heck is that?

I'm trying to pound out the latest chapter of my great American novel and I can't get past the sawdust.

Maybe they'll just have to step outside. My characters, that is. It's a cold, dreary, rainy November day. Didn't I have one of those in my first novel? Oh, yeah, on the chopping block floor...

Insane ramblings from another mom without *me* time...

Zany Mom said...

I meant HERE it's a cold dreary day. It was summer (or September?) the last time I checked my novel...