Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dr. Phil Again

I got this message from ZanyMom this morning about the results from yesterday's "Great School Debate" on Dr. Phil.

"I was poking around his website regarding today's show (which actually wasn't half bad, despite the trailer).

There is a poll -- vote for your preferred method of schooling.

What got me wasn't the replies, so much as the math is skewed:

The public school numbers are rounded UP, while the other choices are rounded DOWN. And gee, when I tried to post to that effect on their website (all posts are premoderated) they didn't post it. Go figure. ;)

;) Guess we unschoolers weren't supposed to notice the math bias. LOL

[From Dr. Phil's site:]Which style of schooling do you think is best? Take our poll!

(Actually, for PS it's 13.9%, not 16% LOL--Zany)

16%/456 Public school

10%/358 Private school

55%/1814 Homeschooling

19%/642 Unschooling

Total Votes: 3270"

Clearly the viewers prefer homeschool and even unschooling to public or private school, even with the skewed numbers. From what I understand, Dr. Phil believes middle and high school kids need socialization, although homeschooling in elementary is fine with him.

Klaus would beg to differ--if he were able to take three high school courses as a homeschooler instead of only two, he would definitely come home again at the semester. He doesn't want to give up his AP classes or Japanese in mid-year, which I think is a very mature decision. But, for him, the social high school thing has been a big bust. He actually did more extracurricular activities last year as a homeschooler than he has done this year.

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