Saturday, April 29, 2006

Set your Tivo

Our favorite shows to watch as a family, courtesy of the Discover Channel:


Hosted by a former SEAL, this show covers all the super cool stuff the military is working on. Wednesday nights at 10 pm and 2am (Eastern) What can I say, I have teenaged boys. :D


The perennial favorite, still as good as ever. Even cooler since we found out that hosts Adam and Jaime (and "Mythtern" Grant) are all former BattleBots champions. And we incorporated one of their segments into Wolfie's winning science fair project. Thank you, Mythbusters!

Sunday night at 9pm and 10pm, repeated at 1am and 2 am. TV Listings here.

How It's Made

This series, from Discovery Canada, shows how every day items are made. Think Mr. Roger's Picture Picture (if you're old enough to know what I mean!) A recent episode showed how baby chick are "made" and how phyllo dough is made. Totally amazing. The only TV listings I can find are Discovery Channel.CA, but I think it's on on Sundays. Check your local listings.

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