Friday, April 28, 2006

Astronaut postponed college for life experience

A story in today's St. Paul (MN) Pioneer Press about Duane Carey, an astronaut/shuttle commander returning to his alma mater to talk to the math and science students.

"He grew up in public housing in St. Paul, and he and his two siblings moved to the Highland neighborhood after their mother married when Carey was in grade school. He wasn't a great student until 10th grade, when he realized that even though he didn't intend to go to college, "I might change my mind someday."

After high school, he traveled the country on his motorcycle for a couple of years trying to find work but discovered he would need higher education to have the kind of life he wanted. He returned to Minnesota to study aerospace engineering at the U and went on to fly planes for the Air Force and to pilot the space shuttle Columbia on a 2002 mission."

Although the story is headlined: "School is the Key," Astronaut Tells Kids, I think his life is more a story about how you can still be successful without "Going directly to college. Do not pass Go. Borrow $20,000." Could the admissions counselors be wrong? ;-)

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