Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mental Math Resources

This site has several very good/fun mental math activities for the home,
mental math activities for the car, as well as fun math writing and talking

Mental Math: Computation Activities for Anytime, Grades 4-8 (a good, useful
workbook by Richard Piccirilli)

Mental Math Challenges (another good book on mental math)

Project Motivational Math

OPPS! (This is a fun Pre-Algebra game, but you already know of it; I'd
thought I'd add it to the list anyway, in case anyone else was curious)

More books on mental math:

* Mental Math in the Primary Grades

* Mental Math in the Middle Grades

* The Great Book of Math Teasers: Mental Gymnastics

* Mental Math and Estimation

* Doing Simple Math in Your Head

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