Monday, August 18, 2008

The Homeschooling Memorial

Quote posted on New Mexico Homeschool Community (NMHSC) website:

Did you know that we have our own homeschooling memorial???- ---

Mount Rushmore, the world's largest stone monument, is a tribute to four Presidents - George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt - who stood for the most honorable principles and highest ideals of America. Besides being great Presidents, what does each of these men have in common? As children, none of them had any regular, formal schooling. They were all self-educated and learned at home! ~Unknown

Here's another one (that isn't exactly true):

"Home schooling is a very old way of doing things. If you look at any of the bills in your wallet or the coins in your pocket, they all have a picture of a homeschooler on them." ~William Lloyd

While I think it's true all the bills have homeschoolers on them, FDR was only homeschooled through the age of 14, and Eisenhower and JFK were not homeschooled at all. In the scheme of things, though, these three are very recent presidents, so I think the argument remains valid.


Alison said...

I like your style and I think the topics we write about are complementary to each other. I'd like an article for my blog about homeschooling and 2E needs - I'm open to your choice on the details of topic. What do you think?

Alison said...

You don't have to keep your writing to 250 words, but if you can summarize just a tad and provide links to articles you've already written (or others have written) which would elaborate your points that would be great!

Let me see if I can set you up as a guest writer or something. I'm new to blogging (much more familiar with e-mail groups). Then I'll let you know here. We can delete these comments once we have it worked out.

Alison said...

Apparently there are two ways we can do this.
1) Write and post to your own blog and I will copy and extract from there.
2) Send me your e-mail address and I can set you up with permission to write on my blog. I don't post my e-mail address online - you can reach me from Contact Us on

Let me know what you think :-)