Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Set Your Tivo: Assignment Discovery

I would, but my DVR doesn't go that far in advance, so I'm posting it here so I don't forget. From the TAGMAX list:

"Assignment Discovery" returns to the Discovery Channel in a couple of
The first week's line-up is below. ("Assignment Discovery" is
commercial-free educational programming, typically with a science or
history theme, offered
by the Discovery Channel as part of the Cable in the Classroom
There are generally about six weeks of new shows each semester.)

--Christine K.

> Assignment Discovery begins again 9/11/06! Programs air weekdays at 5
> ET/PT, 4 a.m. CT, and 6 a.m. MT on the Discovery Channel.
> Elements of Science Theme Week
> Introduce high school students to key biology concepts, including
> biomes, genetics, cells, and more. This programs feature
> graphics and video, which is especially effective for visual
> Mon. 9/11/06 — Elements of Biology: The Cell
> Tues. 9/12/06 — Elements of Biology: Genetics
> Wed. 9/13/06 — Elements of Biology: Evolution
> Thurs. 9/14/06 — Elements of Biology: Matter and Energy
> Fri. 9/15/06 — Elements of Biology: Ecosystems: Organisms and
> Environments

Thanks Christine! I'll be tuning in--Wolfie's taking HS biology starting next month. This should be right up his alley.

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