Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Last Day of School!!

Here's a problem with virtual school--or maybe it's just too-autonomous teenagers: my public-schooled boys' last day of school is today. Klaus wanted to finish first, so he stayed up all night taking his last unit test and final test in Geometry. Clearly he was thinking about being done and not about doing well as he ended up with 70% on each. I'm not sure that's even a C-. Mind you these are open book tests and he had until September to finish them. I could just kill him. >:|

Otoh, Wolfie finished his last quarter of public with a 3.5 GPA--enough to qualify him for the summer science camp he wanted to go to. And he didn't fail anything--Hurrah!! Way to go, Wolfie!! I guess we can unground him now.

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