Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Are you smart enough to work for Edison?

Fun test on a National Park Service site: 150 questions from Thomas
Edison's test for applicants
who wanted to work for him. Only 6 % of
applicants were able to pass his test.

Edison was quoted in the New York Times in 1921 as saying, "Men who
have gone to college I find to be amazingly ignorant. They don't seem
to know anything."

The test is part of the virtual experience at the Web site for the
Edison national historic site in West Orange, NJ (the physical site
is currently under renovation). Another fun aspect is the virtual
Edison "invention factory."

In case anyone is interested, I scored 69% on the 30 question test and 76% on the 150 question test. Neither result was good enough for Edison. ;)

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