Saturday, August 20, 2005

Where does all the money go??

Alina Tugend's recent article in the New York Times discussed the huge school supplies lists the public schools are handing out to parents. Wolfie and Chester's lists were easily twenty items each. Plus we're expected to pony up a $30 District Material fee to "cover expenses." Wolfie also needs $7 school t shirt for PE and a $4 magazine subscription and both boys need $4 for the "District approved" student planner. If they were playing sports, the fees would be $25 per child per sport "up to a family cap of $100." Well thank you very much! >:(

I'd complain to the teachers, but I know they are also paying out of pocket for my kids' education, as is mentioned on page 2 of the NYT article.

I happen to know that our state gives the school district $6,000 of my tax money per student. Could someone please explain to me how they can not educate my child for less than $6,000?

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