Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hooray for Sergeant Mickey Crocus!

Wolfie won some movie passes in a radio contest this morning. The prize went to the person with the most unusual names for their pets. Wolfie has a gecko named Sgt. Mickey Crocus. Don't know why but it's never "Sarge" or "Micky" but always his full name: "Sgt. Mickey Crocus shed his skin" or "I'm going to feed Sgt. Mickey Crocus."

We had trouble keeping ghost shrimp alive in his tank so Chester suggested he name the shrimp "Kenny" since they were dying and being replaced so often. "Oh my god, you killed Kenny!" LOL

He also has had a number of Betta fish (the pet store was having a problem with fin rot at one point): Betta-alpha, Betta-beta, Betta-gamma. The current two are Betta-Delta and Betta-Epsilon.

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