Thursday, August 17, 2006

New Site for Homeschoolers: The Homeschool Diner

Wondering how to get started homeschooling? Need links or curriculum information? Pull up a seat at The Homeschool Diner! Webmaster Julie Knapp is a writer who is homeschooling gifted boys in Wisconsin. She moderates both the Wisconsin Gifted Homschoolers and Western Wisconsin Gifted Homeschoolers Yahoo Groups (both worth checking out if you're in our neck of the woods). She's also publishing a series of picture books featuring homeschoolers called "I Learn at Home."

You can find more info about Julie and her books at the Diner. Also I love her Click-O-Matic curriculum picker "for anyone who is considering homeschooling, but isn't sure what approach they want to use... or if you're looking to make a change." Well worth stopping by!

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